Who We Are

We are FurniturePay, established in 2015. Our goal is to connect Furniture & Bed Retailers with payment solutions which are secure, safe & make them more money.

Our Experienced team will guide you through the simple process of obtaining security, safety and savings, it really is seamless!

What we do

At FurniturePay we have created the perfect card transaction service for Furniture & Bed Retailers, made it totally secure and safe and with our incredible buying power of over £2 billion, through our clients, we are able to save you £££s and in some cases thousands of £££s on your card transaction fees and services.

From the initial conversation, right up until onboarding we are here every step of the way and beyond, and the best part is, we do all the hard work for you. We will negotiate your rates for you, getting them as low as we possibly can, in many cases saving thousands of £££s by using several providers. Which in turn saves you a fortune in fees. We will arrange and order your POS device(s) for you and have them delivered to your door. We will then ensure that they are fully integrated into your RetailSystem EPoS, and BOOM! You’re up and running, total security & safety, savings on fees & lifetime support. Your drivers can even take payments whilst out delivering, FurniturePay really is the total solution for processing your card transactions!

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Call 0207 096 0191 or email gary@myfurniturepay.com