Who We Are

We are the original Sales Promotion Company for better end well established Furniture Retailers.

What we do

With a Lynch Sale, you can achieve as much as 50%, and at least 25% of your business' annual sales in just 30 selling days.
 You can expect  immediate results, increased cash flow, new customers, balanced inventories, and high visibility.
Choose a sale plan that works for you: relocation, remodelling, inventory reduction, cash raising business stimulation, or retirement/store closing.
 Your event and sale plan will be custom designed to address and exceed your specific goals.

Relocation Sales

Refurbishment Sales

Closing Down Sales

Produce a bespoke marketing plan, designed to accomplish your objectives.

Send an experienced sales coordinator to assist in sales preparation and delivery of the event.

Design and produce mailshots, advertising copy, TV commercials and digital marketing campaigns.

Our fees are a commission based on new sales achieved during the event.

Discover what a Lynch Sale can do for you

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Gareth Price

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