Who We Are

When Staingard was launched in 2006, it was a new venture into an extremely established market, and we knew that we could not afford to be ‘just another warranty provider’.
The FCA hadn’t long been involved with furniture warranties at that stage, and it’s fair to say the reputation of the industry could have been better. So with Staingard we aimed for a policy without ambiguity, with exceptional service and supported by outstanding care products. If we introduced clarity for both customer and salesperson, we would have a product that delivers the very best service.

What we do

Over the last 17 years, Staingard has retained those values precipitating growth in all areas and allowing us to diversify with so many different care products.

For a furniture retailer, Staingard is now the place to go for all value added products, adding value to their customers purchases and supporting their margin. Whether they need Insured care plans, Mattressgard mattress protectors, Floorgard floor protectors and glides, Furniture repair products or Leather Care kits from the most extensive range, Staingard can provide the solution. 

So what other benefits does working with Staingard offer? Staingard holds extensive stock in the UK and in most cases within just 48 hours we can receive your order, fill, label, assemble, pack and dispatch products, personalised to your brand if required!

And that’s another area where Staingard has led the way. After years of development, our brand is strong. The Staingard name inspires confidence, but so too does your brand. That’s why we championed personalisation for short-run orders, be it care kits or mattress protectors, to enable you to have the benefits of one of our great products but carrying your company name.

5 Year Insured Care plan’s

Fabric, Leather, Cabinet and Carpet Care Kits

Mattress Protector’s

Leather Repair Products

Furniture Glides and Pads

Staingard Fabric Protector

Perfection in Protection

Mattressgard products are perfect for all the family and the extensive range offers products in sizes that are designed to be used in the smallest cot to the largest bed. As well as this great range we have the facility to provide alternative products to the hospitality and care industries where large quantities may be required and there is budget sensitivity

For more information

Call 01244 888 658, visit staingard.co.uk or email sales@staingard.co.uk

Rob Jones
National Sales Manager

Neil Facey
South-East Agent

Michael Shannon
Northern and Southern Ireland Agent

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North-East Agent

Mark Driver
Key Account Manager

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East of England Agent

Debbie &Dave Jenkins
Midlands agents

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Scotland Agent

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South-West Agent

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North-west Agent